We’ve all learned about gravity and wondered ‘phew! what’s the big deal? It’s so obvious.’ The story of the apple falling on Newton’s head is possibly one of the first lessons in Physics we were all taught in school. As we grow up, we tend to forget this magical force of the earth called ‘gravity’. Ever imagined what would happen around us if all of a sudden gravity ceased to exist on Earth? Let’s take a leap of imagination and imagine that if life was still possible without gravity, how would it be? Here are 10 things that would happen if there was no gravity.

1. Travelling at peak traffic hours would be way more convenient since you could just float over to your destinations! Sure, there is a risk of bumping into other oncoming floaters!

2. Lifting heavy weights won’t be a problem anymore. Even the skinniest of guys will be able to lift a 500 kg barbell since everything would be weightless!

3. Sports like cricket and football will become way more interesting with the ball lobbing up for miles with each shot!

4. You’d be resting on the office ceilings working on your laptops instead of sitting comfortably on your reclining office chairs!

5. It’ll take you a couple of hours just to drink a glass of water! And if you’re thinking of having alcohol, mixing it with soda or water would be next to impossible. Every drink would have to be consumed neat!

6. Good luck taking a shower without gravity! You’d be floating around for ages with your soap hoping to get at least one mug of water onto your body!

7. If you shoot a bullet into the sky, it’ll keep going on and on forever!!

8. Every thing would look super cool because everything will be in slow motion. Even your pet cat taking a pee would look like a scene from Matrix!

9. You never have to use the stairs or even the elevator ever again even if you have to go up to the 100th floor! Just float up there!

10. It would bring people a lot closer to each other since in a zero-gravity situation the last thing you would want to do is let go of your loved ones! One slip and they’ll float away for miles!

Gravity isn’t the only amazing thing science can teach you! To know more fun and amazing facts about science tune into the National Geographic Channel

As they say, it’s never too late to start loving science!