While India has the best winters, we can’t say the same for our summers. Come May, and it feels like all things that are annoying, gross and icky unite and breed just to make our lives more miserable. If it weren’t for our air conditioners, living in this horrid heat would have been next to impossible. Here are a few things that make this hot and humid season even more unbearable:

1. Lizards…

They’re everywhere. On the wall, on the floor, on the curtain and sometimes even on your car’s windshield.

2. Crowded public transport

They are crowded, sweaty and oh-so-smelly.

3. Entering our car after it’s been parked in the sun for a few hours

Not the kind of ‘baked’ I had in mind.

4. Unscheduled power cuts

Yes, power cuts are a common occurrence in the summer but does it have to be at 2 A.M. in the night when we’re fast asleep? How can we sleep without the AC?

5. The office air conditioner

It works only on two modes. “As-Cold-As-The-North-Pole” or “Switched Off.”

6. Ice creams melt way too fast

When you take out ice cream from the freezer, it’s as hard as stone. So you place it on the kitchen slab hoping it will melt just the right amount, allowing you to scoop it out easily. But before you know it, there is a puddle of Belgian chocolate on the kitchen floor.

7. The morning cup of tea

If you are tea drinker you’ll understand how a cuppa, that’s so warm and comforting in winter, turns into a hot liquid from hell in the summer.

8. Sun burns and tans

A few minutes under the sun and our skin darkens like nobody’s business. And no amount of sun screen helps.

9. The need to constantly bathe

Because one bath is not enough and sitting in front of the AC just doesn’t cut it.

10. Smelly feet

Closed shoes are a big NO! God help those who come in the vicinity of your bare feet after a long day.

11. You run out of deos and perfumes faster than ever

No second guesses why that happens.

12. No more outdoor brunches and dinners

Because everyone wants a table next to the air conditioner. And who wants to sit outside?

13. Eating a day old pizza is almost an impossible task

Leftover food doesn’t last very long in the summer. Those unscheduled power cuts are to be blamed.

14. Everything has a shorter lifespan

Vegetables, fruits, meat and our patience. Thanks summer!

15. Extremely high electricity bills

In the summers, comfort is costly…

16. Mosquitoes

They seem to exist for one and one reason only – to make our lives miserable. Just when you think you are well protected under your blanket, a mosquito creeps inside and buzzes sweet nothings in your ear in the middle of the night. Keep them at bay this summer with the new LG Air Conditioners !

Source: LG

Mosquitoes are hateful little insects. And they seem to take anything you throw at them and shrug it off. But LG has an air conditioner that fends them off while giving you the right comfort without exorbitant bills. Yep. Not even kidding.

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