Dating a lazy guy is like mothering a baby sloth. You try your best to instill some sort of activity in him, but inactivity is his nature and nothing, including your love, is going to change that. It doesn’t mean he’s disinterested or doesn’t love you, but he loves his laziness slightly more and your only way out is to accept this sloppy reality!

Here are 20 things things you go through when you’re dating a lazy guy:

1. You’re dating a human but you feel you’re with a ginormous sand bag that won’t move without a jolt!

For instance, he’d rather drool on his couch than go out with you!

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2. You’re tired of making, remaking and cancelling plans with him because he’s too lazy to go out.

He has a bag of excuses to not go out with you. But you have your ways of forcing him out.

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3. Almost always, your dinner and movie dates become in-house TV screenings.

He manages to talk you out of plans, effortlessly!

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4. He is always late for dinner/dates/movies which really gets on your nerves!

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5. You literally can’t find yourself a proper-clean place to sit because his house looks like a dumpster.

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6. When you co-host his house parties, you don’t exactly co-host. You host.

He’s of no help.

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7. Getting a call back or a text from him is like a distant dream.

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8. On several social gatherings, you’ve looked like a diva and he’s looked like he had been attacked by bears 5 minutes ago.

He’s too lazy to dress up! WTF! If only you could disown him.

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9. In fact, most often you have to drag him to places because he just won’t move!

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10. You’re tired of making excuses on his behalf when your friends ask you about a missing plus 1.

Meanwhile he’s happily snoring back home!

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11. Your Facebook relationship status update never happened because his social media activity is nil.

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12. You have to give him good reasons to shave/shower, especially in winters, because he conveniently talks his way out of it.

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13. Going on long romantic walks with him or a long drive is a dream.

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14. If you’re the kind who enjoys adventure sports or hiking, you have to find other people to go with.

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15. You don’t get picked up or dropped anywhere.

If you do, it’s only because you’ve threatened him.

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16. Your dialogues often become monologues, thanks to his one-word replies!

He might be listening to you but is too lazy to respond. Huh!

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17. But he always has an easy solution to all your problems.

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18. You’re glad sometimes that he’s so lazy that he doesn’t hover over your activities and so gives you space.

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19. In fact, you don’t always have to be at your best,  because guess what? He’s too lazy to point a finger!

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20. Nevertheless, he is the best person for you to kick back and chill with.

His inputs on how to chill and relax are simply out of the world!

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Despite all this, you’re still with him because you like him as a person and beneath all the laziness, he’s a very nice guy. And think about it, if he’s so lazy, he’ll never cheat on you. After all, two-timing takes so much effort!