A lot of people think it’s complete bogus, and a lot of people read them once in a while. But you? You know your sun signs from back to front and in the right order too! Do you think your love of sun signs is getting a little too out of hand?

Read on to find out!

1. “When is your birthday?” is the first thing you ask when you meet a new person.

2. You know all the sun signs in the right order by months and dates.

3. You judge people on the basis of their signs…

4. … and for that reason, you are irritated by the idea of cusps.

“Yaar to fir Aries ho ya Taurus?”

5. And if someone seems to contradict their sign, you’re totally intrigued.

“What! Sagittarean and introvert? Can’t be true.”

6. You choose your close friends and partners based on their sun signs

Mere saare best friends ya to Gemini hain nahi to Leos

7. You have used your sun sign to justify your actions and behaviour to people at least once.

“Decision making is so hard. Main Libran hun na , that’s why.”

8. You check love compatibility with all your crushes before asking them out.

“Yaar, I love that guy but he’s a Scorpio. Kya karun ?”

9. You know what “sun sign”, “moon sign” and “ascendant” mean.

10. All mornings must start with a quick look at the daily horoscope section of the newspaper.

Headlines chorr, daily horoscope khol na .”

11. You are devastated when a relationship with compatible signs does not last.

“But Cancer and Scorpio are supposed to be compatible yaa!”

12. You own at least one zodiac themed mug, wall art or accessory that you regularly use.


13. You always stop by at the zodiac section of greeting card shops to look through all the things written about your sign.


14. You watched What’s Your Raashee for the sun signs, even though it starred Harman Baweja

15. You love and hate certain signs depending upon their compatibility with your own.

16. You have dismissed things in the past with lines like “that is such a Scorpio (or whatever other sign) thing to do!”

17. You have your Bejan Daruwalla and Linda Goodman books lined up on your bedside table for quick consultations.

18. You lost your marbles when you read about Ophiucus, the thirteenth sun sign.

19. You can’t rest easy when the horoscope says you’ll have a bad day. You’re just waiting for it to happen.

20. You have had people try to prove you wrong by challenging you to guess their sun sign

Sometimes you are right, sometimes you are not. But hey, you never said you are a pro at this. You only said you keep your faith in those who are. And believe it or not, that was a totally Virgo thing to do. Only a Virgo would do that.