When we were young and innocent, we had our own theories about how babies came into this world. As we grew older, we all learnt the well-kept secret about how we make babies but back then our answers were quite interesting. We asked 18 people for their theories and here are their responses:

1. Going by what this person thought, I’d have had a dozen babies by now.

Source: woman.thenest.com

2. “For the longest time, I thought the process of making babies involved getting naked and just jumping on the bed, literally. Yes, I was that dumb.”

Source: parisapartment.files.wordpress.com

3. “My mother never let me eat junk and said I would get pregnant if I did.”

Source: www.veggiesdontbite.com

4. “I believed that having milk on the first night on the decorated bed did it.”

Source: monsterhighpca.blogspot.in

5. Every couple would have had hundreds of babies had this happened.

Source: fangirlfanatic96.tumblr.com

6. “I thought my parents sat in front of a fireplace and prayed to God to give me.”

Source: chiwulff.com

7. This person thought angels brought us into the world even when he was 8.

Source: picspaper.com

8. No wonder this one grew up to be an astronaut.

Source: shootdigitalpicslikethepros.com

9. “Dad always said that mom ate ‘something’ and my brother and I were born.”

Source: www.pregnancyandbaby.com

10. He thought popping a pill is all it took to have a baby. Little did he know that it was actually the opposite.

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org

11. “I thought after you got married, mothers automatically start getting babies in their bellies at regular intervals. And if the couple did not want babies, they had to do something to stop it.”

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

12. This person wasn’t wrong, but missed out on the details!

Source: www.flickr.com

13. “I thought babies were mailed after a couple had prayed to God, when I was 6.”

Source: muchpics.com

14. “I believed that the husband and wife should love each other and when God knew that both of them take good care of each other, he would grant them with a child.”

Source: wallpaperest.com

15. Going by this, women and a hangover would make for a deadly baby-making combination!

Source: edunloaded.com

16. This one probably took his moral science lessons a little too seriously.

Source: best-wallpaper.net

17. Oh! The innocence!

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

18. Her 5-year-old self actually thought that we were born out of plants!

I am sure you had your own unique theory as well. Let me know yours in the comments section.