I am, to use an awful neologism, a “Nomophobic.” That is, I have the fear of being without, or losing, my phone. And according to a recent study , which states that 9 out of 10 individuals suffer from Nomophobia, chances are that you and even the person sitting next to you is suffering from the same.Any doubts? Look at these symptoms to see if you too have pangs of #NoMoFo in your everyday life.

1. You often have nightmares like THIS.

2. Every stranger is a prospective phone thief.

Even when a cutie comes and sits next to you, the first thing you do is grab your phone.

3. You get a mini heart attack when a phone drops, even if it isn’t yours.

Because you wouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy!

4. When you are out and your battery runs low, you feel almost certain that something terrible will happen.

If I have been somewhat close in judging your replies, then you must spare a few minutes to learn more about your condition.

What is Nomophobia?

nomophobia: noun

Nomophobia is defined as the fear of being without your phone, a combination of the words NO , MO bile and PHOBIA .

Wait, there’s more… there are four types of this condition. Which one do you suffer from?

Lost Nomo:

All those times you leave your phone behind and end up feeling like a fool!

Stolen Nomo:

When some audacious %*^$£@%& steals your phone.

Broken Nomo:

This happens when you (or God forbid, someone else!) have been clumsy and broken your precious phone.

Useless Nomo:

The angst that you feel when your phone is rendered useless because of no network!

If you have one, two or maybe all of the above four, here’s some more information. These statistics will make you want to immediately take action!

1. You’re not alone!


2. Your phone is your safety guard at night.


3. This is called losing your soul… and your sole.


Guess what! You don’t have to live in constant fear of losing or breaking your phone. The good folks at Quick Heal are working on a solution to ensure you don’t have to deal with #NoMoFo no more!

Never fear. After all, we’re all in this together!

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