The reason why Apple products are such a rage, is because they always give the customers something extra.

For example, while other phones offer the same old features, iPhones have an additional feature called the ‘explosion’.

As discovered by this hapless customer, who came to know about the feature the hard way. And that too, on Valentine’s Day.

Digital Trends

Poor guy! I’m pretty sure that this isn’t how he’d wanted to get ‘blown’ on Valentine’s Day. If y’all know what I mean. But a similar incident happened in India. And this time, the culprit was a brand new iPhone 6.

Times Of India

Apparently the user, Kishan Yadav, escaped unhurt because he was using the hands free mode.


While the world may still be debating on the quality of Apple products, we made you some memes that are a befitting tribute to the iPhone. Check ’em out.

Don’t get us wrong people, but we should’ve been warned when they’d said it’s a ‘dhamakedaar’ offer.