The judiciary in any country decides things in every situation, and on the whole, I agree with them. But sometimes, it’s just better and more fun to go with the flow. Whether you like it or not, we think about things that are illegal almost every day.

What kind of illegal things you ask? Let’s find out!

1. Stealing shot glasses from a pub

Source – extravanganzi

2. Robbing a bank

…and driving off into the sunset, never to work again!

Source – topgoldinvestment

3. Hijacking a plane

Just so you can say “My way or the highway”.

Source – delayedflight

4. Stealing someone’s Iphone just to see them suffer

You only know someone’s true nature when they’ve lost their Iphones.

Source – broadbandchoicea

5. Trying out illegal substances once

Or twice… not picky.

Source – techstreme

6. Punching our bosses

Give them the ol’ one-two!

Source – themodernguy

7. Beating up people who honk unnecessarily

Actions speak louder than horns no?

Source – India Opines

8. Scratching your enemy’s car

Everyone has a nemesis, and their cars are the perfect victims.

Source – palscience

9. Slapping an Indian cop

Turn the tables on them for once(If they’re corrupt that is)!

Source – raiheneh

10. Trying a beef dish

Tastebuds can control the brain.

Source – onegreenplanet

11. Owning a pet lion

I’m not even sure if this is illegal or just impossible!

Source – texasgearup

12. Owning a gun

Source – handgunjsmag

13. Driving away from a challan

When you’re just not in the mood for arguments. Or feeling too lazy perhaps?

Source – India Today

14. Murdering KRK

Just admit it.

Source – ijobz

15. Climb a building from the outside

Like Batman from the 60s!

Shubh shubh socho!