The Indian Army has, like any other country’s military, got a few strange practises within its circles. There are several celebrated people who have gone beyond the line of duty to do what’s right, from single handedly fighting off a barrage of enemies to braving extreme conditions. One of their most celebrated members isn’t a really a person though, it’s a goat!

Mastana the goat has been bestowed a rank of Hawaldar in the Indian Army and is promoted accordingly.

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During the Indo-Pak War of 1965, one Indian battalion got stuck in a minefield. They prayed to Jwala Devi to save them and moments later, a nimble goat came running between the bombs and forged a path for the soldiers to escape.

Source – Defenceforumindia

Ever since, whenever he dies, another goat named Mastana replaces him as he is considered a messenger of Jwala Devi. It might just be simple superstition, but it exists and it is one of the most curiously charming traditions that I have ever heard of!