By now, we all know that the Japanese have taken weird inventions to a whole new level.

So this weird contraption that helps women massage their breasts is not a surprise at all.

We just have one question, how come you didn’t think of this before, Japan?

You know how humanity is centered around boobs and all, right? But even the greatest boobs can be a bane at times. But someone in Japan decided to save the greatest gift of all. And came up with THIS.

Presenting the Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager:

If you are still confused about why this even exists, they have provided a description.

It says “Normally a woman doesn’t want a hand on her breasts like this uninvited. If you agonize about a sagging bust, don’t worry. You are not alone!”

Using it probably is as easy as it is discomforting. Massage the back, then the side and then from underneath.

And just in case you needed a tutorial.

*impatiently waiting for the next Japanese invention*