Unlikely as it may sound for normal people like me and you, there are a blessed few made of flesh and blood who are doing crazy stuff in the air and mocking gravity at every given opportunity.

Ever wanted to zip in the air like Superman? Float free like Batman? Better still, own a flying suit like Ironman?

One such man is the world renowned ex-fighter pilot Yves Rossy, popularly known as ‘The Jetman’! We’ve all seen videos of this daredevil flying his jet-propelled wings around Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in glorious 4K resolution.

But this time, he ups the stakes to unimaginable heights, literally.

In his latest stunt, Rossy joins hands with parachuter Vince Reffet and pulls off what could arguably be the best stunt of his career. The two pilots fly their jetpacks incredibly close in formation with an Emirates-owned Airbus A380 and sail through the air in all their glory over the Dubai skyline.

Check out the video here: