That we hate helmets has now become a universal truth. Most of us are willing to pay a hefty fine instead of wearing a helmet. And perhaps that’s why, we duck and hide at the very sight of traffic policemen.

It’s amazing how something so crucial to our road safety has to be made compulsory for people to take it seriously. However, if traffic policemen truly want to drive home the point, they should practice what they preach. How can you expect people to obey if you yourself decide to chuck the helmet?

As happened recently, when a civilian, Prannoy Nair , found two policemen riding a motorcycle minus any helmets.

Prannoy Nair

He decided to follow them and asked them a simple question: “Shouldn’t you be wearing a helmet?”

Prannoy Nair

The cop immediately realized his mistake and wore a helmet then and there.

Prannoy Nair

Kudos to him for admitting to his mistake.Check out the entire video right here.

Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the incident  occurred in Kolkata. The error has since been rectified.