Kamaal R Khan has done it again. The infamous two-rupee actor best known for his two-rupee movie ‘Deshdrohi’, his Twitter rants and for publicly flirting with actresses, models has gotten owned on several occasions by Sonakshi Sinha, Lisa Haydon. And now the latest one to join the list is renowned author Taslima Nasreen.

KRK tried pulling off a ‘smart’ one by sending the author an insult tweet.

The author responded with an equal and some might say deserving insult:

Not being able to come up with a wise-crack, KRK tried to steer the conversation to a different direction:

And Taslima Nasreen used her way with words to convey an appropriate response.

Not being able to cope with the insult, KRK starting abusing her left, right and centre.

Oh you listless actor, when will you grow up and learn?

Oh nevermind.


And then the man of the hour replies, trying to cover up the obvious. Look at the account in the above tweets and then read his reply and cross-check the account again. You will LOL.