Let’s face it, we’ve all done it at some point. In fact, we are so used to doing it once in a while, that we’ve always felt weird about that one guy who told his mum everything about everything. Lying makes things simpler (only sometimes, you guys!) and some things are just easier to share in retrospect than while it’s happening.

So here’s a bunch of things that you probably lied to your parents about, along with pretty much everyone else.

1. “He/She is just a friend.”

As are all my other exes, crushes and anyone that I’m eyeing for a relationship at any time, ever.

2. “Report card aaya hi nahi!”

“I swear Mummy! Sach mein!”

3. “I’m going for a stay over at Gurpreet’s place.”

What you really did, was that you went for a crazy ass party.

4. “I have no idea how that vase broke!”

I wasn’t even looking at it when it slipped from my hand!

5. “I’m not drunk! I don’t even touch alcohol!”

The reality is probably closer to this:

6. “Wow! I love this dress!”

“I hate it! But at least they’re happy this way.”

7. ” Hum log group study karne waale hain.”

The one thing your parents couldn’t say no to!

8. “College ke saare bachche jaa rahe hain. Teachers bhi honge saath mein!”

And that’s how the Kasol trip finally happened.

9. ” Haan Ma, maine khaana kha liya.”

Hey, three packets of chips counts.

10. “Books ke liye paise chahiye!”

“Humare college ka rule hai . Semester mein minimum chaar baar books khareedte hain .”

11. “Rajat dropped me home.”

Yes, Rajat. My imaginary friend.

12. “Reached home safely.”

Your home, boyfriend/girlfriend’s home, same thing!

13. “All the girls slept in one room, and the boys slept in the other room.”


14. “KFC gaye the. Relax Ma! I ate the veg burger!”

“Veg burger at KFC? What was I thinking!”

15. “The teacher just hates me. She always marks me down!”

The teacher hates me, because I don’t study.

16. “Sorry I missed your call! I was in the bathroom/in class/busy/talking to my professor about my project.”

Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy for that conversation

17. “Hello…Papa? Kuch sunai nahi de raha! Signal weak hai!”

Would it really be better to tell them you don’t want to talk?

18. ” Arrey? Mere dost cigarette peete hain to matlab main bhi peeta hun?”

Satya vachan!

19. ” Arre ye ladki ka nahi hai! Ye to mera hi hai! Aaj kal ka fashion hai.”

20. ” Haan Mummy, sab kuch theek hai!”

Kuch theek nahi hai! My world is crumbling!

You know what? All of us have lied to our parents at some point. In fact, even your parents probably did some of those things. Think about it, how else did see through all your lies?