It’s not easy to be happy. We all know that. But when your default setting is to always think of everything with a way too serious frame of mind, dealing with things going otherwise can be a really really difficult task. Whether we like it or not some of us have a way too serious view of the world around us. Here are 10 signs you are paranoid about every damn thing in life!

1. Every time there’s a big day coming up for you like an interview or a presentation you assume the worst is going to happen to you.

2. Even if your favourite sports team is doing really well in a match, you feel deep down that there’s going to be a sudden turnaround and your team is going to lose.

3. You meet someone wonderful and amazing you feel an instant connection to but you don’t pursue the relationship because you feel it’ll never work.

4. Every time an idea you suggest gets picked up for anything you prepare yourself for the words “I’m really sorry but…”

5. If the person you text doesn’t text you back in the next five minutes you automatically assume the person hates you.

6. When you go house hunting you pre-decide that the broker, the landlord and everyone else around in the vicinity are out to swindle you.

7. You spend hours looking for the right shoes/bag/clothes. But the moment you reach home and look at what you bought you feel you made the biggest mistake ever.

8. You find yourself repeating the question ‘Why does this shit keep happening to me?’ at least a dozen times during the day.

9. If you feel a slight headache or sneeze a couple of times, you tell yourself that it’s the start of a major viral fever attack.

10. Seeing people who smile all the time and happily going about their lives make you feel terrible!