Not everyone’s lucky to work at a place that’s just a stone’s throw away from your home. Forget that, not even a place that’s 30 minutes from home. Some of us, in our race to earn a living, end up in offices that are miles away from our precious home. On the outside it might not seem like much but oh does it matter or what! Our entire lives are turned upside down when we’re given a fate like this. Here’s a list of Shit People Who Live Far Away From They Work Go Through.

1. The morning commute to office feels like you’re caught in an endless nightmare.

2. The sound of your alarm is 25 times worse than a death knell.

3. You just reached office and realized you left your phone at home. Day ruined!

4. There’s no chance in hell you’ll make it to any party on time unless of course it’s happening right across your office.

5. You stop seeing the bright side of life. Even babies and adorable kittens fail to make you smile!

6. Even when you leave your office on time, you still reach home past dinner time!

7. Your nights in bed are all about plotting and planning the schedule for next day in your head.

8. Say goodbye to any side interest you have like writing, watching movies or pretty much anything else.

9. Your entire weekend is spent on catching up on your sleep instead of, you know, having a LIFE!

10. You leave office when the 8’0 clock IPL match begins and you reach home by the time Ramiz Raja is doing post match analysis.

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