Home Sweet Home isn’t just a random phrase that somebody coined just for the heck of it. It really is true. And you will know its true meaning when you move out of your house, say goodbye to your parents and move into a rented place. Sure it has its upsides like freedom, independence blah blah blah but boy! does it have some downsides as well! Here are 15 struggles you go through while trying to make it on your own!

1. If you have a fear of dark, forget putting the lights on and sleeping. Or else, there will be a frightening electricity bill waiting for you at the end of the month.

2. You will know what it means to be ‘momos-for-lunch-and-dinner-sleeping-thirsty-owes-all-your-friends’ broke.

3. The joy of seeing your salary reach your bank account will be short-lived for it will reach your landlord’s bank account the next day.

4. Shopping becomes a rare occasion that happens once in a blue moon because whatever savings you have goes to the maid, the garbage guy, the security guy and the rest.

5. Flyers, dirty laundry, unwashed plates and DUST will pile up faster than you can imagine.

6. Every phone call you have with your mom will overwhelm you with homesickness.

7. You learn that sometimes you can take a bath in half a bucket of water.

8. You think twice before buying anything huge like a double bed or a fridge or a cupboard because the dreaded day when you’ll have to move it again will be on your mind.

9. There will always be a corner of your apartment that is your dumping spot until one day some mutated creature rises out of it.

10. There will be days when you show up to college or work wearing clothes that are wrinkled beyond recognition.

11. You cannot nail or stick creative and arty things you love onto the walls because the day your landlord sees it, you will pay for it. Literally.

12. If you have a roommate who’s a stranger you will hate yourself. If you have a roommate who’s a friend you will end up hating her.

13. The day you lock yourself out of your apartment you will know what hell on earth really means.

14.  Making your bed becomes a once in 2 months phenomenon.

15. You will spend 15 minutes everyday checking your balcony and windows to ensure there really is no way for burglars to break into your place.

Despite all of these struggles, no denying, living alone is actually pretty rewarding. Yes, it might get little rough now & then but then making it work each day is no less a feat!