Somethings are good for us, and somethings are not. Somethings we love and somethings we hate – Life would be so much simpler if everything fell perfectly in these categories. However, that is never the case. Things tend to jump from one box to the other and sometimes they fall right in the middle.

So here are 15 things we tend to have a love-hate relationship with:

1. Siblings

We love them even when we say we hate them, that is the beauty of this relationship.


The real love of school/college is felt when we start working because during our school/college days we are busy hating it.


Smartphones are loved when they connect us to the world but we hate their guts when they start dying on us or suddenly hang in the middle of the day.


As long as the sun is up and the temperature is hovering between 14-20 degrees Celsius we are happy. If the mercury dips below 5 and we are forced to wear a million layers, we hate this season.

5.Credit cards

Credit cards are loved until the bill is generated.

6.Your partner

Men will be men. No matter what happens, their jealousy is not going any where. Sometimes their jealousy is so adorable and sometimes it drives us up the wall. Adorable jealousy has it’s perks. Here is a way you can get the best of you husband/boyfriend’s adorable jealousy.

7. Cricket

When India is winning, cricket is the best game on this planet. And God forbid, India starts slacking off, we hate the game, the players and the channel that is showing the match.

8. Junk food

Junk food is so lovable when it is served on the plate but we hate it the minute we finish our meal.

9. Facebook

We love stalking people on Facebook but we hate the site and Mark Zuckerberg for creating it when we see a picture of our ex with his/her new flame.

10. Heavy rains

Rains are beautiful and lovely till we step out of the house and get stuck in a massive traffic jam.

11.Online shopping

The most awesome thing on the first day of the month and the most annoying thing towards the end of the month when you see ads of things you want but don’t have money to buy.

12. High heels

The love for these last only for the first five minutes after they have been worn. The rest of the time we hate them so much, that we swear never to put ourselves through the pain and torture again.

13. Sundays

Sundays are fun-days only till the evening. As soon as the sun sets, the Monday morning blues start to set in.

14. Cocktails

Love the cocktails at the party, hate them the next day. #Hangover

15. Delhi roads

Delhi boasts of the widest roads in the country. While driving on a Sunday evening is like a dream come true, driving on a Monday morning is close to a nightmare!

All relationships are special, especially the love-hate ones!

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