Everyone does a little vellapanti in college, but you took it to a whole new level. While the rest of your classmates were trying to deal with the pressure of getting a better future, you were living your life in the moment and how! Here are just a few things you’ll understand if you always had low attendance in college.

1. You probably never attended the first class of the day.

2. Some of your teachers didn’t even know you were part of their class.

3. You knew all the best kept secrets of the campus.

4. The first place your friends would look for you was the canteen.

You never disappointed them.

5. You got more “where are you” texts from your friends during classes than you did from your mom in your entire life.

6. Half the times you didn’t even know what books were part of your course.

7. You always managed to convince your friends to share their notes/assignments with you.

Yaar ye last time, promise!

8. The photocopy guy was your best friend.

9. You knew more people from other courses than you did from your own class.

10. Checking attendance at the end of the year was the worst. The worst.

11. Getting your admit card wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth all the fun you had all year long.

12. You have perfected the art of forging your parent’s signature from years of doing it for your attendance bonds and other scary documents.

13. You used every trick in the book to get extra attendance.

Volunteering at fests, joining societies, false medical reports…you did it all.


14. Your classmates were always confused when you walked into the exam hall.

15. These guys totally remind you of your own college life.


Ah those were the days!