It’s that time of the year when everyone becomes an aam aadmi . Mangoes are the only saving grace of this terribly hot season. The abundance of this sweet, juicy, tropical fruit makes everything worthwhile. Here are some signs that prove you have a serious addiction to mangoes:

1. There’s only one reason why you love the great Indian summer: Mangoes!

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2. You can eat mangoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In fact, you would gladly eat 2 servings of Karela if it meant getting mangoes for dessert.

Source: Wiki Media

3. You know all the variety of mangoes by heart and when they’re available.

Sometimes, 2+2 might get confusing but spotting the difference between a chaunsa and a langra will never baffle you.

Source: Mid-Day

4. You’d rather let your man go than let go of the mango!

Puns aside, it’s a fact that mangoes are seasonal. You can find another man but how will you find another mango after August?

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5. While visiting someone’s house, your answer to “garam ya thanda?” is always… Frooti !

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6. Any dish that has a dash of mango flavouring becomes a favorite. Immediately!

Find new and exciting recipes made with Mangoes here . You can thank me later.

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7. There is only one way to eat mangoes. With your bare hands.

Suck it-a, lick it-a, Repeat-a.

Source: Anaveer

8. You only started caring about global warming because it halved the mango supply.

We should care about the Earth. It’s the only planet that has mangoes…

Source: Wikipedia

9. Your fondest memory is of numerous summer vacations spent plucking mangoes from your neighbour’s tree.

And when you couldn’t find a tree in your neighbourhood, you tried growing one. From the guthli. #TrueStory

Source: The Urge To Wander

10. The day you spot the first mango of the season, is the happiest day of the year.

Source: Wikipedia

11. Even though your skin erupts from time to time, you would rather gorge on mangoes than have acne free skin.

A pimple or two is a small price to pay for such incredible taste.

Source: CNN Traveller

12. You often participated in mango eating competitions with your friends because that way, you got to eat as many mangoes as you wanted.

“Who cares about winning? I just came here for the mangoes.”

Source: Pitara

13. In the summers, if you ever come home to find that the fridge isn’t stocked with mangoes, your heart breaks instantly.

Did you hear that? That was my heart shattering in to a millions pieces.

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14. I’m just going to look at this image for a while.

Look at it. And drool…

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15. The only reason you hate winters is because you won’t get to eat mangoes for another 6 months.



And if there are no mangoes around you, just grab the nearest Frooti, for that true mango taste . Damn, all this mango talk has made my mouth water. Where’s my Frooti ?

Feature Image: Coupon Raja

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