There is more demand for a sati, saavitri and sanskaari bahu in India than there is for jobs these days. And how can there not be? A typical Indian bahu is hard to find – one who is fair-skinned, has all her morals intact, is ready to give her all for her husband and is ‘homely.’ Wondering if you or your wife-to-be fits the bill?

Well, here are 15 signs that confirm whether someone is total ‘marriage material.’

1. She is a virgin.

If you still have your flower intact, mubaarkein! You are one step closer to becoming a typical Indian bahu.

2. She is a pure vegetarian.

Meat? Chicken? Chhi!

3. She does not know what smoking means.

The only smoke she has ever known is the one that comes out of a pressure cooker.

4. She doesn’t drink either.

Tauba tauba!

5. She does not party late at night.

Because good bahus don’t party.

6. She gets up every morning and does pooja .

7. And comes back home before dark every day.

If she steps out to buy groceries and vegetables, that is.

8. She fasts for her husband’s well-being.

Even if that means falling sick the next day.

9. She knows how to make daal and, more-importantly, round rotis .


10. She has long, luscious hair.

Because short hair means she’s a rebel. And rebels don’t make for ideal Indian bahus.

11. She is as fair as milk.

12. She has a Master’s degree but agrees not to work after marriage.

13. She does not socialise and has no male friends.

14. She wears salwar suit and is properly covered.

Because being sanskaari is directly proportional to the amount of clothes you are wearing.

15. She never talks back to elders or her husband even if they are wrong.

Because come on, how can she? She is a woman. Aur woh bhi Hindustaani!

And last, but definitely not the least, she does not exist!

There, I burst your bubble! These are some of the qualities that a majority of Indians still look for in their wives or daughter-in-laws. The sad part here is that all those who wish to have an ‘ideal bahu ‘ are nowhere close to being an ‘ideal husband’ or ‘ideal mother-in-law.’ So let us stop being so judgmental about our very own daughters and even sons for that matter. Because she is much more than what she does.

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