Recently, a Facebook user, Sanjivani Lanjewar posted a video of a man delivering a speech about the changes and impact on culture brought out by urbanisation and privatisation in India.

The man begins by talking about lack of respect in our culture. That despite their being 2 upanishads written about cows in our literature, no one respects the cow. We choose to slaughter them for food and clothing. And we believe this is progress, that it’s liberty. Everyone opts to walk their dogs to the supermarket in search of cow’s milk.

He speaks on the dismal situation of agriculture workers in India. He tells a story of a farmer who went to the city having grown 2000 kgs of wheat grain and returned with 3 rupees and 80 paise . If he even ate that wheat he would’ve been able to sustain himself for months. In this type of a situation, wouldn’t that man instead buy a wad of poison for that money?

His words are spoken with flare and passion. He very accurately etches out the sentiments of a the average Indian blue collar worker and warns us to change our priorities before it’s too late. Everyone must watch and understand his message.

Posted by Sanjivani Lanjewar on Tuesday, September 1, 2015