Men (and women) love vaginas. But one man has taken it to another level by coming up with a bizarre beauty pageant . It’s totally anonymous, and all you have to do is send in a picture of your vagina!

Yup, this is actually happening. Autoblow (really?), a company that has already made a ‘blow-job machine’ for the men of the world, is now looking for a beautiful vagina to replicate on top of their spanking new ‘super realistic vagina sleeves’. Apparently, the guy wants us to send pictures of our private parts to conduct a poll online.

The winner gets $5000, a ‘vaginal crown’ (?!) and a trip to LA, where your vagina will be 3D scanned and then replicated in large scale.

Just one word. WHY!

Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest from Letsgasm! on Vimeo .

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