Their royalty and fame were second to none. Huge palaces, historic wars, great rulers, beautiful queens and what not. They ruled over our land for almost 3 centuries. One of the greatest empires in history, the Mughals had it all. But one thing they did not have was the internet. How different would their reign have been if they had access to it?

Here is how history would have panned out online if the Mughals had social media:

Facebook would have been the obvious place to start and who better to start than the founder of the empire?

And of course, Babur wanted others, like Ibrahim Lodi, to comply.

But since they didn’t, he conquered it by force.

The legacy was then handed over to his son, Humayun.

Humayun tried to follow his dad’s lead.

But sort of messed up and went into exile.

But then he tried again.

And succeeded.

Of course, there were some fun times as well.

Then once he died, his young son, Akbar, had to reclaim what he thought was his right.

But Hemu had to give it back. Later, celebrations were in order.

The great maestro even shared his music online.

Akbar’s favourite advisor came into the picture.

Then his son, Jehangir, took over.

He was sort of publicly promiscuous.

He chilled with some British folk.

Once his glamorous life was over, his son Khurram a.k.a. Shah Jahan took the stead.

He built a wonder for his deceased lover.

Built some other monuments as well.

Tried battling with loneliness.

Had a son, Aurangzeb, whom he loved dearly.

And regretted it.

Aurangzeb took command after betraying his father and travelled for further conquest.

And lost.

The empire’s decline after the ambitious leader’s death was imminent.

Leader after leader fell and a great empire finally crumbled. Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last in line to be dethroned by the British East India Company after the war in 1857.