You’ve just started college and have become the envy of your friends by getting a date with one of the prettiest girls in your class. It’s your first step into the world of dating and you’re excited as fudge. But you’re also as nervous as a monkey on Adderall because you’ve never done this before. Here are some signs that show that you’ve just started dating.

1. You’ve heard so many things about the importance of the first date that you can’t even decide where to go.

5. Suddenly, little things like “Should I split the bill?” become life or death decisions.

8. When the two of you finally find something in common to talk about, you heave a giant sigh of relief.

9. You have to make a conscious effort to not say something inappropriate or swear by mistake.

10. You keep fearing that she’ll ask you about your previously non-existent love life.

11. You spend at least 5 hours going through articles like these.

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