It isn’t enough to find your soul-mate, your better half, your partner-in-crime. You still won’t be left in peace by all the nosey people around you. If they find out you’ve been in a relationship for a while, the nosey, intrusive questions follow. Questions that a psychiatrist wouldn’t ask his patient!

Here are 15 stupid questions couples are tired of answering!

1. ‘Are your parents aware that you guys are going out with each other?’

‘Are your parents aware that their child is extremely nosey?’

2. ‘So it is true. Couples do begin to look like each other after a while.’

‘Are you actually suggesting that I look like my boyfriend? He’s got a freaking beard!’

3. ‘Don’t you guys miss being single? I find it really scary to be with just the same person forever!”

‘You want to be single? Be single. Stop trying to stir shit up in my relationship!’

4. ‘How did you guys meet?’

‘Why? Are you writing a sequel to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?’

5. ‘You guys look so perfect. I bet you never ever ever fight, right?’

‘You sneaky douche! You’re trying to get me to talk about what all we fight about!’

6. ‘What will happen if, God forbid, you guys split up?’

‘What will happen if I drug you and ship you off to Estonia?’

7. ‘When are you getting married? It’s high time for you both!’

‘The day you leave town, we’re getting hitched.’

8. ‘Are you both the same religion?’

‘Whoa! Take it easy, Hitler!’

9. ‘You guys have started getting boring. Not up for anything fun.’

‘Ermm… “Maybe we’re not up for anything because you keep calling us boring !’’

10. ‘Who’s the boss in the relationship?’

‘Neither. I’m the CEO in the relationship. And my boyfriend’s the COO. Clear enough?’

11. ‘I never thought you would settle down so quickly.’

‘You make it sound like I’ve contracted some terminal illness!’

12. ‘God! That was such a typical ‘couple’ thing to say.’

‘Huh? What? Are you high? I just said “hey”.’

13. ‘Nowadays you both only hang out with other couples. What about the rest of us single friends?’

‘We’re hanging out right now!’

14. ‘I know it’s a little early to ask but have you both thought of baby names and all?’

‘Yeah, we’ll name our first-born nostupidquestions please.”

15. ‘Doesn’t that whole excitement and exhilaration go from the relationship after so long?’

‘You’ve been here too long. You need to go away.’