Once you start, you just can’t stop. That’s the story for so many of us as far as online shopping goes. In fact, I’m buying a new pair of shoes online as I’m writing this. Chances are that you can’t get enough of shopping online either.

So to make the picture clearer, here are 12 signs that show you’re Seriously addicted to online shopping:

1. The homepage on your computer is either Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal.

2. You know the courier guys on a first name basis.

3. You need to win the lottery twice if you can even come close to paying your credit card bill.

4. You haven’t stepped inside an actual shop in ages!

5. Even if you need to buy a new toothbrush, you prefer to buy it online!

6. There are way too many cardboard boxes under your office desk!

7. The idea of physically going out and shopping suddenly seems prehistoric to you!

8. You browse for a new pair of shoes but end up ordering two new tops and a bag along with it.

9. Your three favourite words in the world are no longer ‘I love you’

It’s ‘Cash On Delivery’

10. You’re amongst the top reviewers on all the leading online shopping sites.

11. Your gmail is flooded with new offers, discount deals and latest arrivals.

12. You end up buying things you don’t even use just because they’re part of a combo deal.

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