The family tree of males is an interesting one. From gentlemen to metrosexuals to Romeos, the list is a long one. On that list is a type called ‘overly macho man’. Now, it so happens that whether you know it or not, pretty much every person has an overly masculine guy friend around them. Here’s a list that will help you identify them. Here are 10 signs you’re friends with an overly macho man.

1. While you’re out drinking with him, he makes sure to be your personal bouncer for the night & save you from other intoxicated souls.

2. He’s the first person you call up whenever you get into a fight and you need back up.

3. If his conversations were put on TV, he’d get bleeped every three seconds because ‘gaalis’ form a major part of his vocabulary.

4. There are days when he shows up with a beard so thick you think there might be wild animals living in it.

5. There’s only one genre of movies he enjoys – the one with explosions.

6. Whenever you go on a road trip he refuses to sit anywhere else except behind the wheel. For some reason, letting someone else drive him around is a slap to his masculinity.

7. There are days when you walk in on him sitting in an armchair smoking a cigar! As if the spirit of The Godfather himself has entered him.

8. Whenever he’s on the road, behind the wheel of a car, it is like a rage-fest. From pedestrians to vehicles to birds, everything pisses him off.

9. Every time you make plans with your friends and he’s included, he automatically takes over the role of the leader within the first ten minutes. After that it’s his plan not yours!

10. You yourself have got into dozens of fight with this walking talking ticking example of overly masculine volcano of manliness!