A few decades back, travelling by airplanes wasn’t something a majority of us did. But these days thanks to low-cost airlines and jobs that are more demanding, you will find yourself flying a lot more than you used to. And when you travel so often, you’re bound to encounter some very interesting co-passengers. Here are 12 kinds of people you meet  on Indian Airplanes.

1. The lawbreaker

The guy who’s still on the phone even after repeated announcements from the air-hostess.

2. The Big Loud Indian Family/Group

The gigantic family/group of people who are under the impression the airplane is their little SUV going on a family picnic. They call out to each other from five seats away and have loud conversations blind to the fact there are other passengers around them.

3. The Talker

The over-enthusiastic conversationalist who just will not let you be. And, yes, if you fake-sleep, he will tap your shoulder and ask you if you’re sleeping.

4. The arm-rest hijacker

If there’s anything worse than an actual hijacker then it’s the guy who just takes up both the arm-rests leaving you to tuck your hand between your legs.

5. The seat-switcher

This guy will already be seated in your seat when you approach it. He will then proceed to check his ticket, fake apologise and ask you if you can take his seat far behind which is most likely to be a middle seat.

6. The laptop audience

This person will be right next to you seated harmlessly until you turn on your laptop and start watching a movie. He will then put his face right in front of your laptop and watch the movie along with you. He might even work up the nerve to tilt the laptop slightly towards him so he can get a good view.

7. The food spiller

This guy orders whatever messy food he can get his hands on inside the aircraft and eats it so messily that his crumbs end up on your leg!

8. The first-time flier

There is always bound to be one nervous, scared-to-death flier in every airplane and chances are he or she will always be seated near you. Even if you have flown a million times, their fear will make your heart beat faster!

9. The recurring urinator

This guy gets up so many times to pee that you will find yourself standing up half of your journey just to make way for him.

10. The photographer

Is there a fixed number of times you can photograph clouds? Not according to this guy who clicks away nonstop during every flight!

11. The Shoulder Sleeper

This person enters into a deep slumber even before the flight takes off and within 30 minutes you will find that their head is resting on your shoulder. Constant shrugging of your shoulders in an effort to wake them up will not work!

12. The Bawling Kid

This is a fact! There will be one loud, crying, cranky kid in every flight that takes off from the Indian Airport!