Raise your hand if you’ve ever made some plan with a friend that didn’t happen eventually. Yeah, we’re all guilty of that. It’s okay, as long as we don’t make a habit out of it. But then there are some plans that were made without any rhyme or reason. Maybe, in that moment we really believed we’d see them through. Here are a few examples of such plans we’ve made with our friends that for some reason or the other, never worked out.

1. “Let’s learn how to play the guitar. We’ll form our very own rock band. Ok?”

As long as we don’t call ourselves “Magik”.

2. Five-year old boy – “Let’s get married.” Five-year old girl – “Yes. You’ll be Papa. I’ll be Mommy”.

Back when things were simpler.

3. “Yaar, let’s earn some money now and then after 30 we’ll quit our jobs and open our own cafe in the hills.”

Serious question – Is this the most common dream of our generation?

4. “If neither us of is married by the time we’re 30, we’ll marry each other.”

Dostin ko rishtedaari mein badal te hain, without involving toddlers .

5. After watching Harold & Kumar: “Dude, we HAVE TO go to Amsterdam together.”

But now you don’t even have time to go to Paharganj together.

6. “Bollywood is crap. We should totally get together and make a film on what real people do.”

…which is basically a film about people sleeping.

7. “Cross country road trip, guys! Guys? Hello?”

These suggestions mostly stay limited to WhatsApp conversations.

8. “Let’s join a gym together. I’ll wake you up at 6 AM.”

So this is how our friendship ends?

9. “Chal yaar, bank loot-te hain.”

Because sometimes you’re just that desperate.

10. “No matter what happens, we’ll settle down in the same city.”

Har weekend lunch ek saath karenge.

Feature image source – PhotoBucket

So the next time you’re almost tempted to be that person who suggests the plans, try to make sure you see it through. Or don’t make the plan at all.