It’s that time of the year when almost everyone decides to tie the knot. Come November and our Facebook feed is filled with wedding hashtags and pictures of drunk baratis , dancing to Paani Wala Dance. And who can ignore those choreographed dance videos from our friends’ sangeet ceremony?

Brace yourselves because a wedding is coming! And so are repackaged wedding gifts! *Evil smile*

Here are 10 gifts that are most likely to be repackaged this wedding season. If you find any of these in your pile of gifts, you can be sure that you have been gifted a hand-me-down.

1. Bedsheets? Really… Bedsheets? Is this your idea of gifting the couple a “baby maker?”

Source: Ali Express

2. A nice crockery set is the first thing a couple buys together, so let them have that. Don’t gift your repackaged one to them, it’s not cool.

Source: Jharkhand Bihar

3. If you want to be remembered as “that cheapskate friend,” then one of those hand-me-down photo frames with the price tag still attached on it might be a good idea after all. *Eye Roll*

Source: Ever Wild

4. Before you gift wrap that 3D crystal showpiece, please know that it’s the worst idea ever. However, if you do want to go ahead with your ingenious plan, don’t be too surprised if it’s gifted back to you on your birthday.

Source: 3D Laser

5. If you didn’t want a boring looking vase, what makes you think someone else would?

Source: Artezanato Studio

6. A gift card that you forgot to use. No one likes expired gifts, so save yourself the embarrassment and think of a new gift idea.

Source: F

7. Clothes are a very personal choice so it’s better to stay away from this one rather than palming off something YOU don’t like to someone else.

Source: Ustavpedia

8. A regifted apple peeler or slicer. If you found it useless then in all probability, the couple will find it useless too. Duh!

Source: Wikipedia

9. A bone china tea set. This was a trendy gift like, 50 years ago. Today, it’s just tacky.

Source: Up Ceramics

10. A set of cut glasses. Anything that’s not meant for holding wine is so not cool.

Source: Etsy

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to Always Get What You Want ?

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