We all love drinking fancy imported drinks and using toys made abroad, but we never really give our local Indian companies the attention they deserve, despite them being around for decades, consistently delivering quality products. To that end, it might help to know just how well some of our most well known but mostly ignored companies are doing.

Check out just how much some of these seminal Indian brands are worth!

1. Ship matches: Worth Rs.130 crore

These little sticks light up quickly and consistently and are pretty much the only brand you get at paanwallahs. They are made by Wimco, which is worth more than Rs 130 crore!

Source – dreamincode

2. Pass Pass: Worth Rs. 300 crore

Everyone’s favourite mouth freshener is owned by DS Group, which also owns Rajnigandha Pan masala. That’s pretty huge(and pretty bad for your teeth). Also, the group’s worth Rs. 300 crore.

Source – trackmystatus

3. Ghari detergent: Worth Rs. 2000 crore

This regular household item is owned by RSPL, which also makes dairy products and footwear(?!). Anyway, the company is worth a massive Rs. 2000 crore!

Source – wowdesign

4. Roohafza: Worth Rs. 500 crore

This cooling drink is owned by Hamdard, which claims that it’s bestselling Roohafza turns over around Rs. 500 crore.

Source – starnewsonline

5. Milton Bottles: Worth Rs. 200 crore

If you knew they were worth this much, would you still have tied it around the handle of your school bus seat? #OldRegrets

Source – ppfry

6. Nirma: Worth Rs. 3550 crore

The Nirma group of cleansers has a net worth so large it’ll make your head spin. They are one of Asia’s largest producers of detergents.

Source – mohanprovisionstore

7. Action shoes: Worth Rs. 1000 crore

The Action group of footwear didn’t just fill you with a bad taste in your mouth, they also got rich doing it! (God I hated waking up early for school)

Source – melroyfrennie

8. Kangaro Staplers: Worth Rs. 100 crore

These things are everywhere, and are most fun as a weapon against other people. Kangaro-Kanin are also worth quite a lot as you can see.

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Source – officeneed

9. Cello Pens: Worth Rs. 1000 crore

Another blast from the past(not exactly), but all these pens remind me of is writing exams. Anyway, they’re also worth a pretty huge amount.

Source – officeneed

10. Nataraj Pencils: Worth Rs. 300 crore

The unassuming and everpresent Nataraj pencils is owned by Hindustan Pencils, which in turn is worth around Rs. 300 crore. How much does one of these cost again?

Source – buystationaryonline

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