Being a thin girl myself, I have been the butt of jokes that are often cracked on thin people. And here are the top things that any thin girl hates to hear but still has to bear with everyday.

1. Your relatives have just one thing to ask, ”Has she always been like this?”

And your mother often gets to hear ”Behenji, isse kucch khilati-pilaati nahi kya?”

2. The over-enthusiastic queries like ”How will she work in her sasuraal with a frame like this?” Like thanks for planning my future for me.

3. Dadis chime in with their one stop solution ”Ghee khao, sehat banao”

4. All your friends just won’t stop asking ”Oh god! What diet are you on?” How about none?

5. The age-old question never leaves you: ”How can you eat all that and still remain this thin?”

6. Every time you go shopping, you get to hear this: ”Madam isse chhota size toh nahi milega.”

7. ”Dude, I want a figure like yours!” (Yeah and I want rounded things that I can never have)

8. ”How many hours do you work out?” (Unless I want to completely dissolve, then none!)

9. ”Oh my god! You have everything!” (BOOBS! I dont have BOOBS!)

10. And it is more than annoying when in an overcrowded car someone says, ‘Arre, you can sit in our lap! Okay then, why don’t you sit on a giant fork?

11. In metros people move just 2 inches to accommodate your whole frame!

12. People actually measure your waist with their palms.

13. The lame thin jokes that won’t stop coming your way. ‘Don’t go out, it’s too windy, you may fly away!’ ‘Run between the raindrops, you wont get wet!’

14. A dozen annoying nicknames that you’re bestowed with: ‘Sukhi’, ‘Haddi’, ‘Machis Ki Tilli’

15. And finally, when someone says ‘It must be so easy to take you out on a date. You would hardly eat anything!’ (Oh yeah? Try me!)