Some bonds are difficult to break & go a long way in life. For some people, it’s their love for sports, for some Bollywood & for some it’s their favourite person. But there’s another kind of people known as mango-maniacs who only understand their bonding with mangoes. They’re totally smitten with the king of fruits & can’t get enough of it. It’s all the way a love-love relationship & the bond strengthens as time passes.Here are 18 signs which show that people have a special bond with mangoes. This goes out to all the mango-maniacs out there and people who know them!This article is brought to you in association with Slice.

1. This was your face the first time you had a mango.

2. You get pissed off if served an apple pie because any other pie other than mango pie is a blasphemy!

3. You hate everything about summers except mangoes.

4. The only mango etiquette for you is sinking your teeth into it.

5. You’ve tried growing a mango tree in your backyard.

6. You were the aam admi before anyone else.

7. If you’re a girl, your favourite brand is Mango.

8. Your fridge is always stocked with mango Slice all year round.

9. This is how your search engine looks like.

10. You have difficulty spelling your own name, but mangoes! You can spell them all…Dussehri, Banganapalli, Kesar, Alphonso.

11. For you it’s always been “a mango a day keeps the doctor away.”

12. 30% of your Instagram photos are photos of delicious mangoes.

13. Almost any dish becomes your instant favourite once you add mango chutney or aam ka achaar to it.

14. You don’t mind sharing anything with your friends but mangoes? That’s a no-no!

15. No other fruit can make your mouth water like a werewolf!

16. Be it the Atkins diet or the GM diet, mangoes will always be part of your menu.

17. This is how your chat window looks like.

18. You are jealous of Katrina for all the mangoes she gets to savour.

And this made you totally lose your mind!