This one is for all my girls who are worried that they are getting fat. The one who missed a trip with their friends when she was broke. And all those who feel that their life is over because they have missed something! Have a look here.  Your 20s are the time when you can actually take chances, get weird, have a dramatic life & get over things.So, here are a few points that every girl should stop worrying about NOW!

1. ‘I am fat.’

When the most normal looking girls feel that they are getting fat & start starving themselves. So not cool.

2. ‘I am broke.’

Money is something which needs to be managed & saved. Being broke or in debt is as normal as having money.

3. ‘OMG! Pimples. Black heads. Dark circles!’

The first pimple of summer shines on your face & you rush to buy every anti-acne face wash, sun screen & skin mask. Staahp!

4. ‘I can’t go on a trip.’

May be you are short on cash, may be you are too scared to ask your parents or may be you don’t have the right company. But it’s OK. You will get many more chances in the future.

5. ‘He is not that into me.’

Boyfriends aren’t the beginning or the end of the world. Dating is fine & so are break-ups.

6. ‘What will I do now?’

You will explore your “singlehood” & spend time with your favourite music, books & food!

7. ‘ But I haven’t chosen a career for myself.’

So? Many others like you are as lost as you are. Take your time but make the right choice.

8.  ‘I don’t look good now-a-days!’

So? Life isn’t an Ekta Kappor serial where you have to look fabulous even when you’re sleeping.

9. ‘I don’t drink but all my friends do.’

Peer pressure is a big naah..! You don’t need to fit in everywhere. Just be yourself.

10. ‘I don’t have real friends. I am all alone.’

Stop being so worried all the time. If people are busy, it doesn’t mean that they stop existing!

11. ‘I cry a lot. Am I too vulnerable?’

Stop that. Now.

12. ‘Is it the right time to get intimate?’

It’s completely your choice. It’s always good to make love & feel love! But try to be sure before you hit the sack.

13. ‘My best guy friend got hurt because of me.’

Really? There is no such thing as the Friend-Zone. And if there is, then guys put themselves there. And if someone who is nice to you, so that he can sleep with you is not a friend!

14. ‘He is interested in that super hot friend of mine & not me!’

Relax! There are millions of fish in the dating ocean.

15. ‘I took an hour to get ready for today’s party but I didn’t get a single compliment!’

16. Having that one super sexy friend who always steals the show wherever you go with her.

17. ‘I am single! Why? Am I not good enough?’

18. ‘If you aren’t a social butterfly now, then you’ll never be one.’

No, I’m not a social butterfly. I’m a self confident caterpillar. And that’s all I ever want to be.