Some people hate us and some of them love us. It’s the case with every sarcastic person. Sometimes what we say makes someone laugh and other times the same thing pisses off people. There is just so much we go through and here are 20 of those daily struggles you will relate to.

1. People think you are rude, which you might be, but that’s not all that you are.

2. People end up answering for your rhetorical questions because they didn’t understand your sarcasm

Just because we asked a question doesn’t mean you need to answer it.

3. A lot of times, people take a light-hearted comment too seriously, and get butt hurt.

4. And at times, when you want to be taken seriously, nobody gives a shit.

5. Sometimes, for a change you try to be sweet but end up having awkward I-have-nothing-to-say moments

6. You are bad at giving compliments. What’s worse is your reaction when you receive one.

7. Some people don’t understand your sarcasm and ask you to explain it. Unfunny.

8. You are used to people unfriending you from Facebook and unfollowing you from Twitter

9. You can be good friends with only those who understand sarcasm.

10. You feel like nobody is intelligent enough to appreciate your sarcasm.

11. They say first impressions are lasting impressions. That explains why you don’t have too many fans.

12. Texting is REALLY hard because there are not enough smileys to convey your sarcasm!

13. Finding a date is very hard for you, because nobody seems smart enough.

14. After you pull off a really good sarcastic comment, you feel really bad for the other person.

15. Sarcasm comes so naturally to you that you just don’t know how to stop being sarcastic. Not even for a short while.

16. You find it really hard to console a friend who is going through a tough time and needs someone…

17. … because you can’t handle your own emotions. Wait, what are emotions?

18. You have to face the wrath of your parents, uncle, aunties and the insignificant extended family because you are the bigada hua baccha!

19. You can’t hide that you dislike someone because either your face or your words will convey all

20. Sometimes you have to face passive and violent aggression because your sarcasm was bang on!

Could relate to these? We’ve been there too!