Lying is an art. Like most other art forms, not everybody can perfect it. It needs guts, determination and conviction. While there are people who can lie like a pro without getting caught, there are others who get a nervous breakdown and and end up blurting out the truth.

Here are 11 woes of the ones who can’t lie to save their lives:

1. You rehearse your lies in front of a mirror before a confrontation you are expecting.

2. Whenever you are trying to save your ass by lying, you start sweating and your face contorts into an awkward smile.

3. Not just that, you start shaking your leg restlessly and try to explain your lie with exaggerated  hand movements.

4. And of course, you avoid looking straight into the eyes of the person you are lying to, and end up looking at the most inappropriate places.

5. You’ve unintentionally let out people’s deepest secrets, not because you gossip a lot, but because you don’t know how to lie.

6. For this reason, a lot of people have stopped telling you about their activities altogether!

7. You can never be too mysterious about anything that you do. When confronted about stalking someone on Facebook, you end up admitting.

8. You’ve ruined several surprise parties, because hey, woh puchh raha tha. Kya batata ?

9.  People know your weakness and always ask you difficult questions, knowing you can’t help but tell the truth. That leaves you in a fix every time.

10. Whenever you put on an act, you overdo it and get caught.

11. Your lies are so lame and far-fetched, you feel embarrassed immediately after telling them.

12. Forget lying, you are equally bad at telling a half-truth. You always reveal more than necessary.

Remember, practice makes a man perfect!