This Buzzfeed video has me completely confused – I haven’t felt this much hot and cold since that boy in college made me chase his love. Given that these guys are American it does make sense that they’re confused about how to use the Indian potty, and the function of bum-spray, enough to wonder if there was an anomaly in the Indian anatomy. But Americans – why don’t they just ask someone?

It’s kinda cute that they are surprised people stare at them for how different they look – specks of fair blonde in an ocean of brown people. And the guy who says, “Mujhe Roopali pasand hai.” sent my heart into a total cute-melt. I will even join them in the griping about the juvenile censor laws, and shitty wifi. But that one about team effort, right there in the end, did she give off a ‘how many idiots does it take to screw a light-bulb’ stink?

Watch here:

Source: Buzzfeed