Society’s hold over our behaviour tends to be quite binding. The same rules that prevent people from walking around in their underwear works to hold us to certain ways of acting. Guys who wear pink are looked down upon, and if they reveal that they want to drink a cocktail, they’re branded wusses. Deep down though, we all know that an iced margharita on a sunny afternoon is irresistable, manly or not.

Check out some of the stuff men love but will never admit.

1. Gossip

At the end of the day, most guys talk as much as much as girls. It might be hidden behind a few more movie references and fart jokes than usual, but you can be sure it’s happening.

2. Cocktails

Regardless of the number of lime umbrellas your drink might have, at the end of the day, as long as the drink tastes good, that’s all that matters. There’s all kinds of colours to make the experience more… lively, so sport that pina colada with a smile and a buzz.

3. Shampoo

You can bet your butt that most guys are spending pretty huge amounts of time picking out their favourite hair products and the best ways to use them. Lather, rinse and repeat, the motto of the modern man.

4. Cuddling

Oxytocin, a hormone which gives you a sweet little buzz, is released when you cuddle. So it’s like medically proven that cuddling is good for you. Sure, maybe not right after sex, but definitely on a cold winter night!

5. Cooking

Most guys love food, so these stereotypes about women and the kitchen are definitely bullshit. In fact, most women find men who cook super sexy. Next time, I’m cooking my date some maggi!

6. Fashion

The days of considering being interested in clothes and stuff unmanly are way over. Just take a stroll in any Delhi mall and you’ll see dudes looking so sharp they’ll slice right through your preconceived notions of the sexes.

7. Puppies

At the core of humanity lies a dream, and that dream is to sleep on a bed of puppies. We all love them big eyes and don’t even mind the pee everywhere, so just admit it and then go on to make some “olay googly woosh” noises at your neighbourhood pup.

8. Long baths

There’s nothing as relaxing as a hot bath. It soothes your muscles and massages your insides while your brain feels like perfectly melted butter. So yeah, guys like a steaming soak just as much as girls, though you might not find scented candles.

9. Romantic comedies

Most men will claim that their wives or girlfriends forced them into watching it, but deep down they know that they liked it and you know what? Don’t be ashamed!… Ok maybe feel a little embarassed.

10. Pink clothes

Considering how well a lot of those dudes on fashion TV pull off pink, it sucks that more guys don’t do it in real life. You can be sure they’re all thinking the same thing though – “That shit looks good!”

11. Candy

The colour scheme of candy is ever changing, but our love for it isn’t. It might seem childish to pop a lollipop or melt candy floss, but guys love it, girls love it, everybody loves it!

12. Fruity shine lip balm

Dry lips are universal, so when those winters hit, most men don’t care whether the balm is glossy, shiny or colourful, as long as it soothes them man lips!