In today’s era of social networking and non stop communication, it’s difficult to live life as an introvert. Anyone who wants to be on their own is going to have to answer to a lot of probing questions from the ones around them. And especially in a country like India where we are quick to pounce on anyone different, it really is a tough task leading the life of an introvert. Here are 10 annoying Things every introvert has to deal with:

1. People repeatedly asking you things like “Are you ok?” “Something wrong?” “Why don’t you say something?” just because you don’t participate in their boring conversation.

2. If you tell someone you stayed home during the weekend reading a book or watching a movie, they react with a sympathetic “awww”.

3. Whenever you are introduced to someone new, there’s always a description of you along with it terming you “shy” and “reserved”.

4. If you are spotted in a mall or on the streets alone by a friend, then you’re immediately tagged “weird” or “loner”.

5. Every time you join a new job or a college, the first thing your parents ask you is “made any new friends?”

6. Just because you don’t like to talk ceaselessly about random things, people automatically assume you have no points of view.

7. People don’t seem to understand that just like everyone who’s loud isn’t interesting, everyone who’s quiet isn’t boring.

8. If you say no to a party or a get together, you are met with stares that are usually only reserved for serial killers and psychopaths.

9. Most people don’t seem to understand that wanting silence doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something depressing you. Sometimes, you just need some peace and quiet.

10. If you’re an introverted boy they call you a ‘girl’ and if you’re an introverted girl they call you a ‘typical girl’.