We’ve all seen pictures of creepy-crawlies on the internet that are burned into our minds. But plants? Hell, flowers? These extremely unusual looking plants are going to make your skin crawl. If after looking at the images, you’re scared of rolling in the grass or eating veggies for days together, don’t blame it on us!

1. Rafflesia Arnoldii or Corpse flower

This flower stinks of dead bodies! Thankfully though, it’s pretty rare .

2. Hydnellum Peckii or Devil’s Tooth

A poisonous fungus that “bleeds” from it’s spores and has teeth lined up along the bottom.

3. Bixa Orellana or Annatto

See that creepy looking plant ? Yeah, it was probably added to your cheese for colour. Just great!

4. Aseroe Rubra or Sea Anemone Fungus

Not only does this fungus smell horrible, it also attracts flies; which in turn help it grow.

5. Tacca Chantrieri or Chinese Black Bat Flowers

There’s a reason people don’t like bats much. Pretty much the same reason they don’t like this flower much.

6. Hydnora Africana or Jakkalskos

If you’re still not averse to smelling flowers, this will change your mind. This flower smells like shit. Yes, shit!

7. Nelumbo Nucifera or Lotus Nuts

If you’ve ever had makhaane, you now know what you were eating.

8. Dionaea Muscipula or Venus Fly Trap

We’ve all seen cartoon versions of this flower . This is what the real deal looks like.

9. Cuphea llavea or Bat Faced Cuphea

Also known as bunny ears, this little devil looks like the rainbow child of Dracula’s alter ego.

10. Sarracenia Purpurea or Purple Pitcher plant

This carnivorous plant captures its prey. And then it slowly digests small animals as they cook in its stomach acids. Ugh.

11. Clathrus Archeri or Octopus Stinkhorn

Flowers really shouldn’t have tentacles. Especially if they smell like rotting flesh as well.

12. Darlingtonia Californica or Cobra Lily

The efficiency of the plant’s trapping ability is attested to by its leaves and pitchers, which are, more often than not, full of insects and their remains.”

How nice.

13. Amorphophallus Titanum or Corpse plant

Named thus , because it smells like “a decomposing mammal”.

14. Citrus Medica or Citron

Well, for once, this plant only looks horrible. Fun fact: this fruit one of the first four citrus fruits from which other citrus fruit developed!