You Only Live Once, or YOLO, might not be that popular in a country where people believe in reincarnations. But that doesn’t stop these Indians from living it up.

1. They see me rollin’. They hatin’.

OhComeOnFFS on imgur

2. 😐 😐 😐

/u/wsgy111 on reddit.

3. Peter Singh was old school YOLO.

/u/kamikyacho on reddit.

4. Maushi has more swag than me.

/u/brendendas on reddit.

5. This is getting un-bear-able.

6. This guy’s got game.

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7. Mann ki baat, monkey ke saath.

8. A wise person once said…

/u/xerodeth on reddit

9. This gentleman and his wonderphul wedding attire…

@coolfunnytshirt / @DeepeshLakhera on Twitter

10. This daredevil…