Transgenders have been a part of the Indian society since time immemorial. But somehow, in the contemporary landscape, these people have failed to find an equal standing. They still survive on the fringes of society, still struggle to make ends meet, and are still looked down upon with disgust, and many time jokingly referred to as freaks of nature.

Yes, there are reforms underway for the betterment of the community. But a change in people’s attitude is what we need. Because no matter how many political and educational reforms try to change things around, a reformation of heart and perspective is the need of the hour. 

They are as human as you and I are. They have the same emotions – they cry, they get angry, they laugh, they get jealous when they see their partner talking to someone else and they certainly giggle when given a compliment. 

Isabell Zipfel, a photographer from Berlin, captured all these human emotions and much more. These are the daily lives of transgender people in India.

They live and socialise just like you and me.

But they have to deal with the darker side of life at times.

They have their perfect moments of joy.

Their celebrations are no different.

And they are as pensive as us when it comes to taking life decisions. 

They revel in the few familial moments they get to have.

Dressing up is just as fun. 

 Relaxing Sundays are for everyone.

With nothing but only blessings to give. 

 They love just as you do. They care just as you do.

Because, everybody needs some fun at times. 

 Just another regular day.

Health is priority, after all, no amount of wealth can substitute good health. 

 Well, you know who casts the magic here.

 Just ticking off things from the mundane shopping list.

These hands carve their destiny.

 Zara sa jhoom lun main!

Loyalties in place.

A little fun never harmed anybody!

And sometimes, a lot of fun.

Grooming on point!

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

The thirst to live free.

Girls just wanna have fun!

There’s no dearth of love and affection here.

Ready for a musical called life.

Mastering the art!

Shringar in its most beautiful form. 

When the day is finally done, we heave a sigh of relief.

It’s time we see them as humans, treat them fairly, and ensure that we are the ones who bring about the change our society needs so desperately.

All images from Isabell Zipfel