Some might say it’s winter, some summer, but the truth is that sale season is everyone’s favourite season. There are many sale fanatics who will drop everything they are doing only to head to the closest mall to shop till they drop. Here are some people we all meet during this wonderful season:

1. The annoying shopper who picks out, at least, a gazillion outfits and block the trial room for hours.

2.  Those who don’t buy anything unless there is, like a 99% discount on it. 

3. The super confused shoppers who only rely on the opinion of their friends before deciding on what to buy. 

5. Those Black Friday type shoppers who believe in snatching things right out of other people’s hands. 

6. Sometimes, we meet those shoppers who try on everything in the store and don’t purchase anything.

7.  Those bored boyfriends, who sit in one corner, fiddling with their phone.

8. Those really loud shoppers, who are always on the phone. 

9. We often meet shoppers who are confused whether to charge their loot to their dad’s credit card or not.

10. And those shoppers who are overheard saying, “I can’t find anything here! These clothes are SO not me!”

And if you haven’t met them already, head out to any Lifestyle Store for their amazing End of Season Sale. They’ve got some really amazing offers that are up for grabs! Also, did I forget to mention that they are giving discounts up to 50-freakin’-percent?