Tinder, the online dating application that has taken the world by storm is known for hookups rather than the fairy-tale endings people hope for. You never know what you are getting into when you swipe right! You meet all sorts, from the awful-pick-up-line-user to the you-will-not-make-it-out-of-this-date-alive, the married guy who says his wife is cool with ‘tinder-ing’ to ‘that girl’ from the neighborhood, Tinder attracts all kinds. All kinds!

Swipe left or right, confused, eh? We’ve got a standard list of the lot that you are bound to encounter. Here are 11 types of people you might meet on Tinder brought to you by Bodhisatwa Dasgupta:

How many of these people have you encountered on Tinder? Tell us in the comments below! Till then, swipe on!

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