Shaadi season is right around the corner and we’re all pretty pumped about every wedding we’ll dance our asses off at. But what’s even more exciting about this time of the year is the build-up to the weddings – and bachelor or bachelorette parties are absolutely central to all that pre-wedding fun.

Here are 12 games to play at your stag party that will make it the one people will talk about for the rest of the season.

1. Stick The Cock On The Jock

All need is a life-sized cut-out of Matt Bomer (or anyone from the Magic Mike cast, really) in the nude, a blindfold, and a Velcro penis to place on their fine bod. Make dart-board-like markings on the chosen hottie to designate how many shots you drink if you get it wrong.

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2. Boobie Dodgeball

A classic game of dodgeball, but played with boob-shaped stress balls. This is pretty much as easy as it gets.


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3. Stag-venger Hunt

Divide your guests up into teams and give ’em a list of silly single-people tasks. They can be anything from ‘Get someone to buy you a drink’ to ‘Make a video of you dancing on top of the bar’ to ‘Get someone to hand you their underwear’. The possibilities are endless! For extra fun, make everyone drink after they complete each task.

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4. How Well Do You Know The Groom/Bride?

Ask the future-spouse of your friend a few personal questions in advance and quiz the bride or groom-to-be to test how well they can guess their answers. Each wrong answer earns you a sip of your drink – unless you’re the one getting married. Then you drink two.

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5. Designated Drink-Bands

Have everyone but the bride or groom wear a bright coloured ribbon/band around their wrist. This serves as a ‘Get Me A Drink’ signal for the bride or groom. If they snap or untie your band at any point in the night, you’ve got to fetch them a drink of their choice. Ta-daaa!

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6. Ex Charades

Make two teams and take turns to impersonate one of the bride or groom’s past lovers, hook-ups or crushes as everyone guesses who you’re talking about. Fun guaranteed.

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7. Naughty Categories

In a bowl, put pieces of paper containing categories ranging from celebrities with the sexiest behinds to kinds of condoms. The person that picks up the chit has to name something in the category within 10 seconds and then the person after them and so on. Whoever can’t think of something quick enough, has to take a shot!

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8. Never Have I Ever

Everyone takes turns to declare one thing they’ve never done. And whoever else in the group has done it, take a big fat sip of their drink. And prepare for all sorts of deep dark secrets to come bubbling out.


9. Find The Sexy Items Hidden Around The Venue

Go with anything from condoms and lingerie to feathery handcuffs and sex toys. Every item you find during the course of the night will give you the power to make up one rule for everyone in the group (breaking which will mean more drinking) until another item is discovered. Get creative and tell ’em they can’t speak in English, or that they can’t move their right hand at all.

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10. Name That Position

The game’s pretty self-explanatory. You look at a sex position and try to guess what it’s called. If you get it right, you get to take home one sexy item (that people have found during the night) of your choosing.

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11. Who Am I?

Everyone writes down the name of a famous person and sticks it on the forehead of the one on their right. You go around in a circle asking ‘yes or no’ questions to guess what name’s on your head. The catch is that every ‘no’ for an answer will mean a sip from your very alcoholic beverage.

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12. Guess The Celeb By Their Boobs/Ass

It’s a dependable go-to fun-maker when people feel like sitting back and looking at some naked celebrities like in the good ol’ days.

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Do you have any other fun games in mind for your party? Tell us in the comments. And don’t forget to take pictures throughout the night. ‘Cause with this much drinking, you’ll need them the morning after to recollect what the eff happened.