Passion is not enough if you want to lead a successful life. Habits and the willingness to act is also equally important. These 12 habits, if followed religiously will ensure success in your life that you have always been dreaming of. Read on. You can thank us later. 

1. Stop procrastinating.

2. Wake up early to increase your productivity.

3. Be organised and plan out in advance.

4. Exercise or meditate for good mental and physical health. 

5. Learn from your failures. Don’t dwell on them.

6. Be a keen observer/learner and read a lot.

7. Stay focused and set realistic goals.

8. Be around positive, inspirational people.

9. Learn to manage expenses wisely. 

10. Be fearless and take calculated risks.

11. Keep a journal to reflect on your thoughts.

12. Indulge in hobbies and other activities you love.

Be consistent and success will find you.