I have innumerable unread messages, most of them are memes that my friends sent me, and others are them cussing me for not looking at them. Some are even from friends who are pissed at me for sending them the same reels that they sent me because I didn’t know they had sent me that. And rest are messages that I mentally replied to but forgot to actually reply to. If you are anything like me, you’d understand what I’m talking about and why exactly this happens.

people who dont reply to messages

But for our friends on the other end of this spectrum, who don’t know why we take at least three business days to reply to their messages, let Reddit help you out.


1. Ironically, it’s because I often try to be thoughtful in my responses. Sometimes I will read a message and I won’t have the will or time to give it the thought or depth that it requires, so I’ll put it off to when I can really think about it. Oftentimes it slips my mind because my working memory is kind of trash. – no0neiv

and this –

2. Sometimes I just truly don’t know what to reply to you. – allexthakatt

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3. Some days I don’t feel like talking to people. – EveInGardenia

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4. It’s usually because I read the message while I’m doing something that I can’t reply in that moment, and then I literally just forget. – koopapeaches19

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5. Idk, it’s like I just… can’t. It feels overwhelming, so instead, I like to consistently go through a cycle of forgetting to respond and then chastising myself for not replying, so I decide I’ll do it later, but then I forget. It’s just on and on and on until I finally do, and it’s always, “hey! Sorry for just responding! (Fill in the blank here). – OceanDevotion

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6. Executive dysfunction – LadyBlueXXX

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7. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy for it… I recharge and relax by being alone and doing things that take very little effort. – lifealerting

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8. I’m an introvert and it actually takes a lot of energy for me to respond to people. I much prefer talking in person to someone but for some reason messaging drains me. It’s nothing against the person I haven’t responded to and I usually tell my friends it’s the way I am and they understand. So unless it’s urgent it could take me a couple of days to respond until I have the energy. – little_miss_noshine

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9. I spend all day trying to craft the most perfect response ever and I procrastinate it as if I’m dealing with a school assignment or something. – honeyballector

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The struggle is real. 🫠