Hey, an existential crisis creeping in again?

No worries, Jean-Paul Sartre’s got some words of wisdom for you. Taking him advice might be good because he sort of cracked the concept of existentialism (and phenomenology). So the man definitely knew what he was saying.

He was French and very versatile. Not only was he one of the leading figures in 20th century French philosophy and Marxism, he also contributed greatly to multiple fields such as sociology, literary studies, critical theory, etc. His ideologies continue to inspire and influence modern theories.

Sartre won the Nobel Prize in Literature but turned it down. He famously said that, “a writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution.” He declined many honours in his lifetime.

Obviously, such a great man couldn’t be in the company of anyone less than brilliant, and he found just the right woman. He was in a lifelong open relationship with the brilliant Simone de Beauvoir, an intellectual, political activist and social theorist. Together, the two changed the face of the cultural and social norms of their times, leaving behind an evolved society, and a scintillating legacy.

Okay. It is criminal to wait more. Here are 26 quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre. Enjoy.

Cheers to greatness, I guess!

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