1. “10th and 12th are the most important years of your life”

When was the last time people asked you your 10th and 12th standard marks? Exactly my point!


2. “Good handwriting will fetch you better marks”

We did fall for this one and we made sure our handwriting was top-notch. But we were always disappointed with the end result. 


3. “The internet is dangerous and only bad people use it”

We grew up with the internet. And we’re using it every day. Has it made us ‘bad’? Not at all. 

4. “Participating in extra-curricular activities will bring you no good”

We all thought we were better at sports or dancing. But we were given a good 1-hour lecture about how our studies would suffer if we put in a little extra effort into something else. 


5. “School certificates will help you in future”

Like who is giving us a job with a certificate of best collage making or best card making competitions?  


6. “College life will be the best years of your life”

We all bought this one. But you know what it felt like when your crush was roaming around with someone you hated and you had to prepare for the test the next day. 


7. “Grades are more important than anything else”

Who cares about how much you scored in maths in your board examinations? Who cares you were the topper of your batch in 1999? We still are doing a 9 to 5 job.


8. “Abhi mehant karlo. Baad mein aish hi aish hai.”

This has been the biggest lie our parents threw at us. And the worst part, it has no end. The baad never came and probably never will. 

9. “Bachelor’s degree will make you successful”

Some of us took it way too seriously and forgot to enjoy our college life. And now, we all are probably doing a great job which has nothing to do with our degree. 


10. “Jab bade ho jaoge toh samajh jaoge”

We all heard this from our parents at some point in our lives. But no one told us that this is forever. You never grow enough to understand everything, right?

11. “You could be what you want to be and we (parents) will not interfere”

Indian parents can never believe that their children are mature enough to make their own decisions. But we are sure they will. 


12. “Zyada risk nahi lene chahiye life mein.”

No one told us why. No one told us that even safe path will not guarantee safety for a lifetime. We wish someone told us that sometimes risks are worth it!


13. “Money can’t buy happiness” 

Sure, money can’t buy all kind of happiness. But it sure does buy a lot of happiness and a kind we always dream of. 


14. “Only bad people drink alcohol”

It was certainly people like us our parents warned us about. We may not be the bad ones but we are the smartest of the lot. 

15. “Talking to strangers could be dangerous”

Who were our parents kidding? In a lifestyle like today, talking to strangers is the need of the hour. And let’s agree, its fun. 


16. “Multitasking is not good, do one thing at a time”

Beta ek baari main ek kaam khatm karo! 

We all heard this and followed. It may have got us something good but can we afford to live a life like that now? Maybe not. 


17. “Only government job will make you secure”

Our Indian parents and the thought of government job go hand in hand. But are we not making us secure doing a fabulous private job? 


18. If you don’t marry at the right age, no one will marry you”

This has been the most favorite one. But little did we know was that there is no right age, but there is always a right person. 


If you know more such lies, let us know in the comment section below.